41. Fruit Stuffed Pork Loin

Tomorrow I will be attempting to make my first meal from Dinner is Served. Well, actually, that is a lie; I did once make #32. Pot Roast in Foil, but that was because I lost a bet.

This is the first time, for realsies.

The time frame for this particular meal is 3 hours, but the cookies, or Medaillons (is that just a misspelling or a particular type of cookie?), need to be made earlier in the day.

We shall see if that actually works time-wise. The particular dinner requires the use of 2 supplementary recipe cards: 94 & 93 (the previously mentioned Medaillons and Glazed White Potatoes). So, basically, I picked a big one for my first attempt.

Furthermore, I am going to be pre-making the beef patties for #17. Beef Lindstrom a.k.a. Swedish Beef Patties, because on Monday afternoon I am driving up and back from Harrisburg because we have adopted a cat named Brian (who drools).

Side note: since tomorrow night is Oscar ™ Night, me and the boyfriend are making our award picks and whoever loses has to make #45. Baked Ham With Raisin Sauce next Sunday.

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