Captain's Log. First Entry.

So far I have learned that I need a lot to learn about blogging. I think that the cooking part of this whole thing will be much easier. I am still trying to find where I can put the whole “about” nonsense; because, without that, the point of said blog is rendered utterly moot (or moo, since it is as pointless as a cow’s opinion).

And I do want to do a large header-type photo with the Dinner is Served set. Which I have not yet been able to explain via words because I cannot discern how to enter the “about” portion of the blog.

I don’t know. Or it could be that I am sitting here drinking copious amounts of white wine.

Regardless, the first challenge will be Card 41: Fruit Stuffed Pork Loin.

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  1. Craftitute says:

    So very excited for this.

  2. Brien says:

    Hey Em, I’ve been developing wordpress for a long time and run a lot of wordpress sites. Beside I’m a old friend and that can’t hurt. Ask away I can get you up and running pretty quick and get you customizing whatever need be. Let me know.

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